Fragility, suffering, loneliness as well as serenity and joy are recurring themes in Laurence Demy’s plastic work.
Previously a director of communication films, Laurence Demy now expresses her own universe and decor through her ceramics and paintings.
Her ceramic sculpture work mostly depicts porcelain characters reminiscent of the paper characters she cut out as a child: “Les Solos” or “Hlilliputiens” of facetious little men. These characters evolve in balance on or in decorations made of sandstone reminiscent of rocks or pebbles, these stones abused and both polished and smoothed by the waves.
A series on the theme of plants reminiscent of wild grasses is worked using inks on canvas or porcelain and stoneware.
Laurence Demy is currently working on the theme “11les culottes” of light and poetic representations of this feminine garment common to all women. The staging evokes feminine intimacy.
Text written by Lydie Chamaret visual artist.

Laurence Demy works at Plessix Balisson in her studio-gallery

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