Color is my starting point: it inspires me a permanent dialogue at the heart of the balance color – light – shape. My contemplative childhood allowed me to anchor, all the emotions experienced in front of the lights of the South of France .

From the Beaux Arts in Grenoble to the Institut Supérieur de Peinture Van Der Kelen in Brussels, I receive two complementary forms of teaching: the first is done in a conceptual and contemporary approach to art, and the second is technical, that of Flemish painters of the 19th century and trompe l’oeil. From 2002 I mainly work through trompe l’oeil painting on walls and painting on canvas in New York and Saint Tropez. This is where I paint and exhibit the “Flowers” ​​and “Nudes” series.

Through them, I wanted to show the inner beauty, the one you don’t see at first glance, to share it and show it in a larger format. All are oil paintings. Back in Saint Tropez in 2005, my two forms of artistic expression evolve gradually: one becomes a mural and the other abstract painting on canvas. Thus, in painting and drawing, the figurative expression allowed me to explore different subjects that today I mix in a more abstract and experimental expression, which gives me a feeling of openness to a more free and intuitive form of art where the technique puts itself at the service of the creative outpouring.

Taking a step aside to make room for something bigger than yourself: this aspiration is at the heart of my artistic research. “Creation can only be a game in which you forget yourself” Dialogues with the Angel, Gitta mallasz