Born in 1970, Kolé, whose real name is Mylène Collet, is a visual artist who now lives in the South of France.

It is in contact with other painters that Kolé develops his artistic style. She will carry out her first works and research in Shlomo Lévy’s studio in 1990, a crucial step for Kolé which will reveal itself in painting at this time. She will then benefit from a real springboard by being selected at the Salon de Montrouge to represent France. With this new experience, she took the direction of the Camargue to join the studio of Pierre-Marie Brisson in 2005, then returned to the United States in 2009 in San Francisco.

Kolé offers a real journey through his paintings. His father being a state sailor, he transmitted to him the taste for adventure and escape. Through his travel stories on the high seas, in Africa or in the Pacific Islands, he has rocked his imagination with epics. A strong heritage that pushes the artist towards an exacerbated open-mindedness, being particularly sensitive to encounters with others.

Kolé’s work thus feeds on human relationships and the interactions between them. His work focuses in particular on collective memory, the imprint of Man and his trace on earth. She then painted in a very intuitive and impulsive way, on the floor. It is the present moment that she values, in opposition to a constant and frightened flight towards the uncertain future.

His canvases are immersed in phantasmagoric beings, wandering white souls. White is for Kolé a developer of colors and symbolism. She also highlights plant elements and nature that take root in collages and assemblages of paper, mixed with Indian ink and acrylic.

Today the artist is presented in several galleries in Europe.

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