Jerome Btesh is a French contemporary artist born in 1968, particularly specialized in the reuse and enhancement of industrial materials to create his works which materialize in sculptures, photographs, installations.

Jerome Btesh exploits materials such as metal, glass, industrial objects and metamorphoses them.
Since 2000, he has developed a « see with-in me » universe composed of matrices and light boxes.
In the beginning there is a text, an iteration, elaborated by the artist, the axis of the process.
For his matrices he creates from a thick steel plate folded over a frame, corroded with acid then recut, a case like a case. One or more molten glass pebbles reveal a photographic image created exclusively for each work. By moving towards or around the work, the play of a mirror makes it possible to reflect suspended metallic printing characters, composing the sentence.
Its light boxes or light boxes are represented in square blocks or long rectangular metal boxes, in chromed, brushed or stainless steel. A transparent photograph included and illuminated from the inside, represents the typographic reflection of the matrix.
Regarding his artistic approach, he states:
“My process is restorative, my formula-texts incorporate a philosophically evolutionary intention. I use the metaphorical dimension of the mirror and inner light.
It’s generational, it’s a succession of added principles where each principle is autonomous and at the same time comes from the previous one, then gives birth to the next one, and so on.
What matters is to strive for beauty in every sense of the word.”
Presenting himself as a « citizen of the world », 600 of his works have to date been sold in 20 countries.